Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Call Service

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Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Call Practice was launched to provide a unique and 'exceptional service for our extraordinary pets'. Our pets unrelenting enthusiasm and unconditional love is truly extraordinary. They bring us so much joy, we want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy.

 For many pets, veterinary house call medicine has some tremendous advantages, including: compassionate, high quality, unhurried care in the stress free comfort of home.  A house call also often affords a greater opportunity for excellent client communication and education, as well. Dr. Jen is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns of each and every patient and family in her care.


Indeed, all pets can benefit from some component of their care being provided in the comfort of their own home; however, there are some patients where house call medicine is especially needed:

  • Clients unable to bring their pet into a hospital due to disability or special needs
  • Multipet households
  • Busy owners who prefer the convenience of veterinary services at home
  • Feline friends: Many of our beloved cats, in particular, find the traditional trip to the vet extremely stressful, and many owners defer or decline routine wellness care due to the drama and trauma!
  • Senior pets that have difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • Pets who stress very easily, especially when transported.
  • Hospice and end of life situations -remaining in the home environment provides tremendous comfort for both pet and owner.

Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Call Services, Update March 2018
A Note from Dr. Jen:
To better serve clients in all areas and ensure optimum continuity of care for patients, Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Calls continues to incorporate the administrative services provided by the wonderful staff at Cinco Animal Hospital (initiated this in 6/2017). Their care and concern for my clients and their furry family members helps tremendously in our pursuit of consistent, compassionate care. They are able to answer all calls during business hours. As a result, appointment scheduling, prescription refill requests, and general inquiries regarding Dr. Jen's Veterinary House Calls can be more immediately addressed.