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Posted By : Michelle
Comments : When I found out six weeks ago my 17 year old kitty Josie had oral cancer I was devastated. The thought of ending her life in a vet office further added to the distress. I found Dr. Jen by searching on line and contacted her. We talked and I made an end of life plan for home euthanasia when the time came. This in itself made the situation so much more bearable knowing Josie was going to be able to stay at home. Dr. Jen made me feel so much better by her telephone bedside manner. I had her number in my phone ready to call when the time came. Yesterday was that day. Dr. Jen was so warm and explained everything to me as it was happening. My little girl got to stay in the comfort of her ho me while my other kitty got to be involved as to provide him closure. The stress and sadness was made better by this experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Jen and couldn?t say enough nice things. 

Posted By :    Elizabeth
Comments :    Recently I had an emergency with my standard poodle and had to call Dr Jen at 1:30 in the morning. My dog was very sick and of course uncomfortable. Dr Jen immediately came over and made the dog more comfortable and then followed up for 2 more days with tests and supportive therapies. My dog and I are so thankful to have Dr Jen! Especially when everything seems to happen on a weekend or the middle of the night! Much gratitude and thanks to Dr Jen.

Posted By :    Christl
Comments :    If you are in need of a vet (who happens to come to your house), we highly recommend Dr. Jen Webb. We contacted her one day last week when we were in need of a vet, but knew we could not take our dog in to a clinic. After a lengthy phone conversation, and much preliminary research into a medical condition she hadn't dealt much with before, she arrived at our door step that evening, fully prepared with all the medication and any treatment plan she could think of, and spent over two hours with us, evaluating the situation, laying out our options, and helping us choose our next course of action. Since then she has been following up with us daily, monitoring the progress of the recovery, continuing her research, including investigating both tried and true, as well as experimental treatment options. We are just completely blown away by the amount of quality care and attention she has provided to our dog. We never want to see our puppy dog do as poorly as he was last week. But the silver lining is that we found an amazing vet to help and guide us in providing the best care we possible can for our dog. Thank you, Dr. Jen!
Posted By :    Kelley
Comments :    My chocolate lab, Bill, had been vomiting non-stop for 24 hours and I had tried everything I could think of to make him stop. My husband was out of town and I was home alone with a sick dog and 3 kids. It was a nightmare! By Saturday morning I knew that Bill would need to be seen by a vet, and it was going to be very difficult for me to transport him alone (he's 90lbs) along with my kids. I found out about Dr. Jen online, and saw that she did house calls, so I decided to give her a try. I was able to reach Dr. Jen right away and she was very concerned and down-to-earth. She came to our house right away and was very gentle and thorough with her examinations. She was very understanding of my situation and offered to transport Bill to a clinic for further testing and evaluation. Dr. Jen stayed with my dog the entire time they were running tests, and frequently updated me on his status. I am so glad we found Dr. Jen! Bill is happy and healthy again thanks to her :) We will using her services from now on, and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a vet! Thank you so much, Dr. Jen!
Posted By :    Heather  (hnwhipple@gmail.com)
Comments :    Our baby, Belle, used to be terrified of going to the vet. She is a 2 year old rescue lab mix, and would be so terrified during vet visits that she would wet herself, and express so badly, it broke my heart. Belle's healthcare is our utmost concern, and we knew we needed to come up with another way to care for our little girl. Enter Dr. Jen. She came into our home acting as if she already knew us, like we were the oldest friends, as to not raise Belle's suspicion. Jen sat and talked to us about our little girl for awhile, not paying any particular attention to Belle. This allowed Belle to approach Dr. Jen on her terms, just dropping treats here and there for her. When it came time to examine Belle, while she was understandably wary, she was much better than the other vet visits. She was more relaxed, and allowed Dr. Jen to administer vaccinations, draw blood, and perform a routine physical. All of which was done without a muzzle or extreme restraint, as was the normal practice at previous vet visits Watching Dr. Jen work is was like watching someone do what they were born to do. It was amazing, and eased the worried heart of this Puppy Mama. We love her, and welcome her into our home. Belle has even started to give Dr. Jen kisses and allows her to give belly rubs, which is high praise in our home. Her costs are fair, and honestly, it wouldn't really matter if it cost more... we will never be returning to a vet office now that Dr. Jen is in our lives.
Posted By :    The Hunt Family  (hunt1265@yahoo.com)
Comments :    Dr. Jen has been our vet for almost a year. She takes care of Myca (our multipoo) and Jamesten (our boxer). Her "crateside" manner is absolutely incredible and the added bonus is our daughters love her just as much as our four-legged family members. Having a mobile-vet makes appointments so much easier and I LOVE the convenience. On Halloween evening (a Saturday) about 8:00 we had an incident with our puppy, Jamesten. I called Dr. Jen and she talked to me for several minutes and provided guidance over the phone to make both me and Jamesten feel better. She called/text over the next few days to be sure was all okay. A few days ago I realized we were having issues again. Dr. Jen came to our house on a Sunday afternoon to provide additional treatment to Jamesten. Thank You Dr. Jen. If you are looking for a vet that is compassionate, responsive, and flexible Dr. Jen is your answer!
Posted By :    Sarah  (sarahrasnick@gmail.com)
Comments :    Dr. Jen was a true God send! My lab mix hurt herself playing in the yard and my husband and I could not get her in the car to take her to our usual vet so I found Jen via Google and made my dog comfortable for the night and called her at 8am the next morning. As it turned out Jen lives close to me in Katy and was able to be at my house within half an hour. She knew exactly what to do to get my 60lb dog in the car safely and recommended a great local vet that specializes in bone injuries. I am waiting for the results but truly don't know what I'd do without Dr. Jen! Thank you 1000 times! If ever I have another emergency I know who to call!
Posted By :    Alejandra
Comments :    She saw my dog Alex! He gets a little nervous when I take him to the vet, and so do I! I am very particular about who handles my dog and Dr. Jen did a fabulous job! Will be using her services from now on :)
Posted By :    Jose
Comments :    We have two collies, one smooth and one rough (puppy). When we got our first dog we were wondering how to handle the vet visits since me and my wife work full time, then we heard of Dr. Jen from a family friend. We decided to give her a try and since then she is our go-to vet. She will accommodate the appointments to our schedule, even coming on evenings and on Sundays. She is very knowledgeable, and if she doesn't have an answer to any of your questions on the spot she will research it and call you, sometimes the same day, with the information you need. Our dogs love her (we do too) and want to play with her even after she has given them their vaccines! I would love a doctor that would take care of me the same way that Dr. Jen takes care of my dogs. Thanks Dr. Jen.
Posted By :    Elizabeth
Comments :    I have a standard poodle and 2 older cats. It is wonderful peace of mind that I don't have to try and catch 2 cats, put them in carriers and drive to office vet. One cat, in particular, gets really stressed with that experience. Dr Jen takes excellent care with her compassion and diagnostic skills. My poodle has gastrointestinal and orthopedic issues and Dr Jen has improved her quality of life tremendously. AJ is a very skillful assistant and much appreciated. Thanks Dr Jen :)
Posted By :    Laura  (lwhitson@buckeye.com)
Comments :    I have 4 cats, 2 of whom are very nervous by nature and hate everything about the cat carrier, the car, and the vet. I had been avoiding taking them for check-ups and vaccinations due to how stressful it was for all of us, and then I found Dr. Jen's website. She returned my call very quickly, made my appointment within days, and was even wiling to book on a Saturday! Dr. Jen and her technician, AJ, were professional, courteous, and very loving with my kitties, especially the nervous ones. They made a situation that is hard on all of us much, much easier, and Dr. Jen has officially gained 4 new patients. Thank you, Dr. Jen, for taking such good care of my cats!

Posted By:    Spencer
Comments:    I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Jen! She truly is a god send. My cat Sasha has epilepsy and will have seizures during stressful situations - so a traditional vet visit is not possible for her. Sasha’s seizures are controlled on a daily basis but when we were faced with the obstacle of us moving from Katy to College Station we were obviously worried about Sasha during the stressful drive (she has had seizures before during transport). DR. JEN TO THE RESCUE! I had about an hour long phone call with her and she got Sasha’s full medical history and already had a treatment plan ready when she came to exam her. She’s not your typical vet at all and it’s exactly what me and Sasha needed. She cared for Sasha so perfectly, taking her time to not stress her out one bit. Dr. Jen prescribed two different medications to help relieve travel anxiety for Sasha and also gave me some great tips, tricks and information to help Sasha along the way. Dr. Jen was always a phone call or text away as well - replying to every small question I had about Sasha’s care. The drive to College Station was smooth sailing for me and Sasha, all thanks to Dr. Jen. If you’re having any reservations about contacting Dr. Jen, just do it! You won’t regret it. She takes away everything you and your pets hate about going to the vet. Her knowledge and compassion is something you just can’t get at a traditional vets office. Thank you Dr. Jen for everything!

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